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Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

In the United States, Thanksgiving is normally celebrated by eating turkey and other delicious food, watching football, and just spending time with family or friends. But, other countries celebrate the holiday in their own way. Canada’s Thanksgiving celebrations actually began before America’s. It started when Loyalists came to Canada during the Revolutionary War and introduced turkey and other customs that

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a national holiday that gives thanks to all veterans, living or dead, and remembers veterans of all wars.Veterans Day and Memorial Day are often confused, but Veterans Day is honoring all veterans whereas Memorial Day is honoring veterans who died serving the country. The holiday occurs on November 11th to honor the “eleventh hour of the eleventh

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Getting to Know the New Varsity Lacrosse Coach Mrs. Amanda Rutledge

Apex High School has an amazing women’s lacrosse program with amazing coaches. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the new varsity coaches, Mrs. Amanda Rutledge, and getting to know a little bit about her. You’ve been at Apex as a teacher for three years, right?  This is my second full year because I started as a long-term substitute. 

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