The North Carolina State Fair

  The North Carolina State Fair was started on October 18, 1853. It occurs every year in October in Raleigh. This year it is happening from October 17- October 27. It started out as an educational event but has turned into more of an entertainment activity. 

  The fair has a variety of different things for all people including very fascinating, odd food, enjoyable rides, and engaging animals that are there for you to admire as well as a few for you to pet. There is also a wide variety of agriculture, ranging from apples and peaches to pumpkins and gourds. Every year, there are competitions for the biggest pumpkin and biggest watermelon. In 2018, the winning pumpkin weighed 1,551.5 pounds. There are also competitions such as pig races and tractor pulls held at the fair. 

  If agriculture and pig races are not really your thing, there is always the rides. One of the rides you can find at the fair is the new State Fair Skygazer, an all new ferris wheel. It is the tallest ride to ever come to the North Carolina State Fair. Along with the new Skygazer, the fair also offers the State Fair Flyer, a sky lift that takes you over the entire length of the fair.

  After riding as many rides as you wish, you have to check out all the food that is offered throughout the fair. The new foods that will be sold at the fair this year have been announced.  A few of the foods on this list include roasted pumpkin spice corn, the chickenator (a chicken breast inside a cinnamon bun with pepper jack cheese,crispy bacon, and a zesty honey sauce), loaded lamb nachos, and a krispy kreme wafflewhich. 

  While walking around with all of your new found odd food, check out The Village of Yesteryear, a dome-shaped building located towards the middle of the fairgrounds. The Village of Yesteryear features crafters that are displaying and selling handmade crafts. There are crafters that make baskets, rugs, pottery, carve wooden bowls, etc. It is extremely amazing how talented these artists and crafters are.

  This year, I highly suggest that you go check out the fair and all of the interesting things it has to offer.

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