Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner;maybe it means trick-or-treating or just eating lots of candy. But, first you need to pick out the perfect costume to wear on Halloween night. Costumes are one of the most important things for Halloween, but they can also be one of the most challenging. This is because of all the options that are available to buy and all of the creative things that you can come up with yourself. 

Your costume doesn’t have to be anything extreme or expensive; it can simply be something cheap or homemade. For example, some of these costumes that you can design from items around your house include…

  • Dressing up as one of your friends= this can be done by wearing some of your friend’s clothes and whatever items they would normally have with them 
  • Dressing up as if you’re playing a sport= wearing all your clothes for a sport if you play one (ex. for football wearing the jersey, pads, helmet, and carrying a football)
  • Dressing up as a ghost= putting a sheet over your head 

Another option is to go to the closest Walmart if you’re looking for a full costume or just pieces for a costume for very inexpensive. Some inexpensive costumes you can find at Walmart are… 

  • Onesies= onesies such as a unicorn or different animals
  • TV-themed costumes= costumes from popular tv shows or movies
  • Costumes for your pets

One other idea is doing a group costume with some friends. Some suggestions for costume ideas for a group costume would be…

  • skittles or M&M’s 
  • Different kinds of candy 
  • All dress up in matching onesies 
  • Dressing up as characters from a TV show or a movie

These are just a few options of the many there are out there. I hope this gives you some costume ideas or inspiration to come up with your own.

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