Legacy Sections

Is there a certain type of article you would like to read and do not know what it is called, or are you unfamiliar with the types of article?  Here’s a description of each:

News: These articles will share important, relevant stories that will relate to YOU as an Apex High School student.

Features: These articles will not be as informative but seek to entertain, amuse, and/or instruct you.  These will be fun articles to read!

A&E: These articles will reveal information about news and reviews of movies, TV shows, music, concerts, and theater events in addition to celebrity gossip.

Editorial: These articles will disclose the opinions of a Legacy staff writer.  If you do not agree with the writer’s opinion, let us know!

Peak Student Media Quizzes: These are fun, Buzzfeed-style quizzes created by our writers.

Life at the PEAK: Want to know more about the new teachers at Apex High School?  Want to see pictures of students from Peak Week?  Want to read articles that detail Apex High events?  Go to this section.