Apex Christmas Parade Preview

The Apex Christmas Parade has been a continual holiday tradition hosted by the Apex Rotary Club for over fifty years. It is held on the first Saturday in December, which will be this Saturday starting at 5:00 P.M. The parade goes all down downtown, starting at the intersection of Ambergate Station and the Peakway and ending at the Apex Public Works building. The parade highlights different aspects that make up Apex.


If you happen to be driving through downtown on the Saturday when the parade occurs, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of chairs that are out, even early in the morning. Saturday is not the only day that holiday celebrations are occuring. In Downtown Apex, there are holiday traditions going on all weekend long. On Friday night, the Christmas tree in the middle of downtown is lit up, there are carriage and train rides around the downtown area, and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. If carriage rides and seeing Santa are not really your thing, you can always just walk around at the shops or eat at the restaurants. 


While sitting out at the parade, some floats and performances you can expect to see are Apex High Key Club, dance teams, jump rope teams, and cars with members of the Apex Town Council as well as the mayor. You can also expect to hear lots of music and noise, whether it be from the fire truck sirens or the middle or high school band performances. Some other floats you can expect to see are floats promoting local businesses in the area, such as insurance companies and karate schools.


 Most likely it will be extremely cold while sitting out there, but luckily in certain places downtown they will be selling hot chocolate to keep you nice and warm. Even though it will be extremely cold, I hope everyone will come out to the parade and continue a long lived Apex tradition.

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