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Top Albums of the Decade

As the 2010s come to a close and we look back on the evolution of music, the hardest genres have begun to blur and conventions of music have been broken. Many new artists have emerged, and many older artists have resurged. So, during this natural time of reflection, I’d like to revisit some of my favorite albums of the past

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Movie Review: Frozen II

After six years, the sequel to the wildly successful Frozen finally came out, and it did not disappoint. The characters were back and better than ever, the music was beautiful and woven seamlessly into the story, and the plot was complex and intriguing but kept the classic Disney feeling.  The movie starts with a mysterious voice that Elsa hears repeatedly,

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The 1975 concert review

Before the Ariana Grande concert on Friday, British alt rock band The 1975 came to the PNC Arena on Tuesday, November 19. A concert filled with lights, dancing, and songs about youth, The 1975 concert was the best concert I’ve been to in awhile.  Before singer Matty Healy and his band came out, the concert was opened by a small,

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Why Music?

Neuromusicology: the study which explores how the nervous system reacts to those catchy tunes you were playing this morning. Yes, it has such a potent effect on us that there is a whole branch of science dedicated to the human body and music. In fact musicians have better-connected, more cognitively flexible, and overall larger brains. Not only is there a

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