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New South Asian Clubs at Apex!

With over fifty different clubs, Apex High has always accounted for the diverse interests and backgrounds within its student population. However, two recently-founded clubs have helped provide a space specifically for South Asian students: South Asian Student Association and Apex Tadka! Keep reading to find out more about these clubs and what they have to offer. South Asian Student Association

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Sophomores are Taking the PreACT

This Friday, November 18, 2022, all sophomores at Apex High School will take the PreACT. Many universities and colleges require students to submit their ACT and/or SAT test scores. Although, since the COVID-19 pandemic many schools have stopped requiring the scores, students are still strongly encouraged to take these tests. The PreACT is designed to prepare students for the ACT

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Maintaining Test Integrity

The entire country just took the PSAT, a practice standardized for the SAT. Anyone familiar with standardized tests remembers the all too familiar phrase: “Do not share or talk about the test with teachers or other students.” However, all over the internet, particularly on the social media site, TikTok, students are openly sharing detailed information about the PSAT. The TikToks

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Behind the Scenes of BOCO

The Homecoming dance is a beloved high school tradition that many students look forward to attending. However, alongside this dance is another event that some might not know of: band homecoming. Band homecoming, typically shortened to “BOCO,” is a homecoming dance designated primarily for students in Apex High’s Marching Band. It takes place directly after the Homecoming football game, lasting

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