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One of Us Is Lying Book Review

Imagine the classic movie, Breakfast Club, meets the outstanding book series, Nancy Drew. One of Us is Lying is a book about growing relationships, powerful encounters, hope, defeat, and an overall high school experience.Five students, Browyn, the smart one, already set on a college on always keeping the rules in place, Nate, the “bad boy” already broken laws and on

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Let Us Sleep!

By: Hadi Rahim and Jessica Hudnut Every morning, Rose Andrews wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready for school. She feels exhausted throughout the school day and struggles to focus in class. At Apex High School, where classes start at 7:25 a.m., many students report similar problems, all connected by a common problem: not enough sleep.  Early start times

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Thanksgiving Food Review

Thanksgiving is known for its gathering of family, but it is possibly known even more for its food. Family recipes emerge once a year to make an appearance at the Thanksgiving feast. Many foods are common to find on the table, but not all are agreed upon. People have differing opinions as to which foods are good. With that said,

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Nikki’s Senior Sign-Off

While I never had the chance to learn at the original Apex building, I have had the opportunity to mold the new building for the next generation of Cougars. Freshman year, the class of 2021 started learning at the Green Level campus. Although my time there was enjoyable and I certainly made unforgettable memories, it feels good to be home

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