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Defining Intelligence

Sit for a minute and relax, and then think about what you consider intelligence. Often, it is thought that intelligence pertains to two main areas in schooling. Grade Point Average (GPA) and the SAT/ACT define it all. They define your intelligence, what classes you were good enough for, and even in some cases your worth. I went around asking people

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Second Semester Slumps

It isn’t always easy to find motivation to keep pushing through school work; however it is important to see the light at the end of the tunnel and stay motivated to complete tasks, whether they relate to school or not. Once you get motivated, you may begin to notice that your grades improve, you get along with other people, you

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The Last Page

Fahrenheit 451 is a novel by an American writer Ray Bradbury, first published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works. It presents a future American society where books are outlawed, and firemen are ordered to burn any that are found. Our society is similar with paper books except they aren’t outlawed; we will be responsible for

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What Is The Best Hobby?

Most people have a variety of wide range hobbies. Some people tend to argue that they have the best hobby (just so y’all know, cars is the best hobby to have.) But a legitimate argument can be made for any hobby: the community, the skills learned, the connections made, and even the usability of that hobby. However, what is truly

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