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Peak City Dodgeball Recap

Every year for the past three years, students have gathered together for a rather fascinating event, one full of joy and laughter, as well has anger and heartbreak. This said event is known to break apart many friendships as there is no such thing as love on the court. This event is the Peak City Dodgeball Tournament! Twelve unique and

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Coach David Neal Steps Down From Coaching

After sixteen years of dedication and commitment to coaching basketball at Apex High School, our beloved Coach Neal will unfortunately be leaving the Cougars’ Den. Eight conference titles. Five conference tournament championships. Two eastern regional championships. A state championship. One can clearly see that during his time as coach, he has brought the Cougars to victory, time and time again.

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Tennis at Apex

The spring season has already started, and we have a lot of interesting and fun sports coming. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there’s cheerful energy all around. Take advantage of this and go outside to enjoy the day. Maybe the tryouts have passed, and you missed your opportunity to join a sport at the school, but

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Peak City Dodgeball Classic: All You Need to Know

Hello Cougars. Are you aware of the dodgeball event that will be taking place on March 27th? Returning students may remember our dodgeball competitions from previous years, and it is the same: an all-out tournament of classic dodgeball. The tournament is sponsored by the PTSA, and all proceeds will be donated to technology purchases for the new Apex High School.

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We Have a Hockey Team?

Not many people know this, but Apex High School has a roller hockey team. Actually… they have two, a varsity, and a JV team. For the past four years, the Varsity team has won every game and had an undefeated season. Until this year. This year on January 23 Apex Cougar Hockey lost for the first time in years against

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The Pressure is on

The Pressure is on Q: What is your full name? A: My name is Zach Vigue. Q: What school do you currently attend? A: I go to Apex High School. Q: What class are you in? A: I’m a Junior. Q: What sport are you presently playing? A: Right now, I’m playing spring Varsity Lacrosse. Q: How well do you

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