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Christmas Around the World

By: Shivani Handa and Shreya Senthilkumar Christmas is celebrated by people all over the world, but everyone has their own unique way of celebrating. Some celebrate it as a religious holiday, while others use it as time to relax and spend time with family. Here are five countries around the world with unique Christmas traditions.  Japan: KFC for Christmas Dinner

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Happy Fallidays!

By: Shreya Senthilkumar, Shivani Handa, and Kushal Upreti People all over the world celebrate different holidays during the fall season. While they may seem different, they all share common themes of unity, family, and festive spirit. Here are three fall holidays that many students at Apex High School celebrate. Diwali: A fall holiday that Americans may not be aware of

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Wage Increase for School Employees

By: Allison Hurley For decades school employees across the country have asked for higher wages. On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 the Wake County School Board of Education approved a wage increase for full and part-time employees, but many are asking, is it enough? Through the COVID-19 pandemic teachers have had more work than previous years. They adjusted to teaching online

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Everything You Need to Know About Sarah Mitchell

By Amber Wilson and Sydney Brown You may have heard about her on the announcements: State Cross Country Champion, Conference Champion, Qualifier for Outdoor Track Nationals, breaker of school records. This is Sarah Mitchell, a senior here at Apex High School. Sarah attributes her start in running to her older brother, who convinced her to play games with him when

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Big Mann on Campus

Apex High has produced thousands of incredible humans who have gone on to do amazing things, and most will leave the town to achieve their dreams. However, some come back to return the favor of the teachers before them. One of those people is none other than Mrs. Murphy, formerly known as Ms. Mann. Murphy remembers “the old Apex,” but

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Bus Drivers Go On Strike

By: Allison Hurley Since the start of the school year, Wake County has struggled to hire bus drivers. On Thursday, October 29 drivers across the county warned of a possible sickout the following day and they followed through.  The United States has been suffering a labor shortage for several months now. As factories, grocery stores, and restaurants scramble to hire

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