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A Conversation With Apex’s Incumbent Mayor Jacques Gilbert

I got the opportunity to sit down with Apex’s Incumbent Mayor, Jacques Gilbert. Jacques has served in the Apex Police Department for twenty-nine years and has built his campaign on fostering solid community relationships. We discussed topics that affect  Apex citizens from all walks of life. Tell me about yourself. There’s so many things I like to do. I just

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Cannonball Kids’ Cancer: The Fight for Freedom

September was Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, and I recently had the pleasure of talking to Melissa Wiggins, who is a co-founder of Cannonball Kids’ cancer, a non-profit organization that funds research to find better treatments for children battling cancer. This Scottish mother talked to me about her son Cannon, who survived his fight with cancer, and explained CKc’s goals and

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Inequalities in a North Carolina Public Education

Inequalities in Education North Carolina’s K-12 Public Education System has garnered national attention and controversy in recent months due to publicized protests from parents, teachers, and students in NC schools. The major concern stems from a lack of state funding and a growing disparity of funding on a county-to-county basis.  The state’s education system as we know it today, was

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Voting in North Carolina

As tensions increase, divides widen, and debates become impassioned, the political landscape can seem daunting to the average voter. With the primaries nearing, voters are faced with a multitude of decisions regarding whom they vote for. In this article, readers will learn how to vote in North Carolina, and strategies to pick the candidate best for their interests, beliefs, and

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