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The Case for Public Transportation

  The Case for Guaranteed Federal Public Transit Spending An open letter to North Carolina’s Congressional Representatives:  The American Public Transit system is dwarfed and stunted due to years of  underfunding and unpredictable funding. The U.S lags behind many other developed nations in ridership and access. Consistent, guaranteed government support of nationwide city transit systems would have numerous economic, safety,

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Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

In the United States, Thanksgiving is normally celebrated by eating turkey and other delicious food, watching football, and just spending time with family or friends. But, other countries celebrate the holiday in their own way. Canada’s Thanksgiving celebrations actually began before America’s. It started when Loyalists came to Canada during the Revolutionary War and introduced turkey and other customs that

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Coffee and the high schooler

The coffee industry worldwide is worth $20 billion dollars as we drink 500 billion cups of coffee a year. According to, teens are the “fastest growing population of caffeine users” since 82.3% of them drink coffee/caffeinated beverages on a regular basis. In my own poll of 73 students, 40% of them said they drink coffee regularly.  So why is

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