Interview with Noah Williams

Noah Williams, a junior here at Apex, displays hard work and dedication on and off the mat. I got an opportunity to interview him and learn more about his wrestling background as well as more about the team as a whole. 


How many years have you been wrestling for


“I have been wrestling for seven years.”


What made you want to start wrestling?


“My dad got me into it at a young age.”


Who is your biggest influence and why?


“My dad because he is always teaching me new techniques as well as he is always very supportive.”


What is your favorite part about being on the Apex wrestling team? 


“I love the chemistry we all have. We go through everything together.”


Do you have one memory specifically that is your favorite?


“My favorite memory was going to states with my brother and another teammate.”


What are some of the most challenging aspects?


“The most challenging thing for me was believing in myself. You can’t win unless you get your head right.”


Do you plan on continuing to wrestle into the future?


“Yes, I do plan on continuing to wrestle on into the future.”


What does an average day of practice look like?


“Practice is hard; we do drills, sprint, and condition like no other team.”


What is the team dynamic like?


“The team dynamic is great. We have young freshman who want to learn, and older people who want to teach them. We also try and keep negativity out of the room.”


What is one fun fact about yourself?


“One fact about me is that four  of my siblings are on the wrestling team.”

I want to thank Noah for doing this interview with me. I wish him and the rest of the Apex team the best as they go throughout the rest of the season. Also, I wish him the best as he continues to wrestle into the future.

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