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Voting in North Carolina

As tensions increase, divides widen, and debates become impassioned, the political landscape can seem daunting to the average voter. With the primaries nearing, voters are faced with a multitude of decisions regarding whom they vote for. In this article, readers will learn how to vote in North Carolina, and strategies to pick the candidate best for their interests, beliefs, and

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The “Final” Exam

North Carolina Final Exam: a standardized test designed to mentally drain students for two hours at a time. These tests have been frowned upon for years by students and teachers alike. After eighteen prolonged weeks, just when you think it’s finally over, your celebration is cut short by none other than the NCFE.  For many years, students throughout the state

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No Calm After the Storm

After devastating destruction in the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian has continued to wreak havoc on its path up the East Coast. The death toll in the Bahamas has risen to forty-five, according to officials investigating those unaccounted for. While official statements have not been made on the number of missing people, some estimates put it in the thousands. On Friday, Dorian

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