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Thank You Opportunity

The Mars rover Opportunity was recently declared ‘dead’. With the end of its fifteen year mission, many have been turning their eyes to Mars. The attention gathered by Opportunity has been from very surface information: the length of its mission, its last words, and the fact that it is dead. But instead we should be celebrating the life and accomplishments

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Hamilton is Coming to the Triangle!

The broadway hit musical Hamilton is coming to the triangle next week! Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the Durham Performing Arts Center will host the US touring company of Hamilton until Sunday, Dec. 2. Broadway fans and history buffs alike have long been waiting for this national tour since Hamilton first debuted on Broadway in 2015.   Lin Manuel Miranda’s

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Apex High School Women’s Tennis Team is Undefeated this Season!

The Apex Cougars women’s tennis team—despite only ever getting minimal recognition among students and the occasional morning announcement that nobody really listens to—has been absolutely dominating the competition in the North Carolina area. In fact, they have been dominating so much that at the recent Southwestern 4A conference, they went 12-0, beating out schools like Panther Creek, the fake Ape—I

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