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All-Star Game back in NC

The NBA has reached an agreement to allow the city of Charlotte to host the 2019 NBA All-Star game after it was recently pulled from the city in 2017. The game itself was pulled entirely because of the bill HB2, a house bill that puts restrictions on the LGBTQ community with the use of restrooms. HB2 has been a major

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The Untold Truths of Sushi

Sushi, originally a Japanese delicacy, is one of the most widely appreciated foods in America. It has recently become a very popular dinner and lunch option, whether people go to a high-class sushi bar with friends or get sushi takeout for a more reasonable price. If one finds the thought of raw fish unsettling, you can usually find fried shrimp,

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Should Fidget Spinners be banned?

I’m sure everyone has seen at least one person spinning a little toy around school. Fidget spinners are the new “hot” toy, but should they be allowed in schools? Many school districts are starting to ban fidget spinners to keep them out of classes. Fidget spinners are small hand held toys that are meant to help reduce stress, anxiety, and

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