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A Cicada Surge: All the Facts

Brood X, or the Great Eastern Brood, is characterized by their bright red eyes and loud noises heard everywhere. They will make their first appearance in seventeen years all across the Eastern U.S. and parts of the New England coast.  Brood Ten first emerged as nymphs in April of 2004, and the full brood post-emergence was somewhere around June 2004,

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Apex High School’s GSA Returns After COVID-19 Hiatus

On April 20th, the Apex High chapter of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, held their first meeting since March of 2020. While most of Apex High’s clubs have been able to meet virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, the GSA had been inactive throughout most of the 2020-2021 school year. GSAs are student-run organizations that aim to build community among LGBTQ+

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The Johnson and Johnson Blood Clots: How Dangerous Are They?

As Americans pass one year with the Covid-19 pandemic, many have been scrambling to receive a Covid vaccine as soon as possible. One vaccine that many were gravitating towards was the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine, which only requires one dose. Around seven million people in the United States have already received the J&J vaccine, and more vaccinations were planned

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NCGA Introduces New Bill That Would Limit the Rights of Transgender Minors

At the beginning of April, three North Carolina lawmakers introduced a new bill, the Youth Health Protection Act (Senate Bill 514). This bill would prevent health care professionals from performing any sort of gender confirmation surgery for transgender people on minors. Normally, in law minors are stated to be anyone under the age of 18, but this bill suggests anyone

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh & His Death At 99: How He Has Affected The Monarchy

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, born Prince of Corfu, Greece, has died at the age ninety-nine after years of illness. Prince Philip was married to Queen Elizabeth for almost seventy years after a late wedding in the year 1947. The prince was a devoted husband who focused on no-primary matters while supporting the Queen during her ongoing reign. Prince Philip’s

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March madness 2021

Friday March 13th, 2020, was a very memorable day. The pandemic took control and shut everything down. This was just one week before March Madness, one of the most watched tournaments in all of sports, was scheduled to take place. After a few modifications, they finally cancelled it, bringing sadness to many. This week though, one year later, the March

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