I survived hurricane harvey

  Ever since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, the city of Houston and its people have experienced the unimaginable. When looking at an aerial image, it does not take long to realize the scale of the catastrophic events that unfolded. Streets turned into rivers, heads battled to stay above water, people searched endlessly for lives to save, and winds

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2017 NFL Season Preview

It’s finally football season, everybody! If you’re a sports fan, like myself, you have probably been waiting for this time since the Super Bowl in February. But even if you are not a football fan, this season could mean more to you than previous seasons. There have been numerous off-season stories that have excited us for the start of the

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Inside the Recruitment Process of an Apex Swimmer

Most students involved in high school sports decide to retire them once they graduate, but for senior Emma DeCaro and many other swimmers, these four years are focused on presenting themselves to colleges so that they can secure the best scholarships possible. This is a lot of pressure for a student who is already trying to balance crazy practice schedules

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