Fall Sports

  Do you play any fall sports? If so, how is your team doing this year? It has been a decent year so far for the Apex High fall sports programs. In this article I’m going to fill you in on how some of our fall teams are doing. Let’s start off with the varsity football team. The football team

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Varsity Men’s Soccer

Every game there are forty-four cleats on the field. There are over twenty players on the varsity men’s soccer team this year. Each player works just as hard as the next to make the season great. This year our soccer team is doing well; we are currently 6-5-1. They have had lots of success and a few losses.  For most

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A Family formed through Miles

The definition of the word sport: some sort of physical activity, either individually or in a team setting where the competitor(s) compete against an opponent team. The word family can be defined as a group of people who share similar likes, come together to care and support one another. If you combine these two words and their definitions, you could

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