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How teens’ mental health has changed over the years.

Many teenagers have or had struggles with mental health throughout the years. Mental health is a big topic that has only recently been addressed.  Nowadays , people feel more comfortable talking and recognizing how mental health affects people. People are also more open to talk about their personal struggles with any mental illnesses they have, the most common ones being

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How all students might return back in person completely.

Many students have already returned to school in person via cohorts. Doing a rotation every week, for every three weeks. With fourth and fifth graders going back March 15th, they are making progress with getting students back into in person learning. They want to allow most high school and middle school students to finish school in person completely. There’s been

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How to Destress during Quarantine

Stress is a normal thing that many people struggle with on a daily basis. Although stress is completely normal, accumulating a large amount of stress isn’t healthy. It’s damaging to one’s health and can affect their everyday life. Stress is different for everyone and different amounts affect people differently. Even small amounts of stress can deal greatly with certain people.

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