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Holiday Surveys

When the winter holidays start to roll around there’s a very big stigma surrounding exactly when Christmas should start to be celebrated. Many start to get in the Christmas spirit starting as early as November 1st, once Halloween is over. Others like to wait until Thanksgiving passes before they start decorating and playing Christmas music. We posted a survey on

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Thanksgiving Feast

By; Hailey Spielman With the holidays coming up, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spice up your cookbook. Maybe you want to try something new, or last year’s dinner food wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Either way you can make this year better than the last with trying some of these new recipes, and bringing them to your

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New Season, New Sports

With fall sports coming to an end, it’s time for winter sports to get up and running. With tryouts coming up, some even already starting, and some already finished, take a look at what’s coming up. We have a variety of sports for you to try out for or come out and support.  Cheerleading will continue its season past fall

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Apex Volleyball

With sports being back in full swing this year, all of the fall sports are getting the love they deserve. This school year the volleyball team is getting all the love from last year, ten fold. Apex volleyball is strong this season, with Varsity and both JV teams gaining more wins each week. Our JV teams are leading us in

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How teens’ mental health has changed over the years.

Many teenagers have or had struggles with mental health throughout the years. Mental health is a big topic that has only recently been addressed.  Nowadays , people feel more comfortable talking and recognizing how mental health affects people. People are also more open to talk about their personal struggles with any mental illnesses they have, the most common ones being

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How all students might return back in person completely.

Many students have already returned to school in person via cohorts. Doing a rotation every week, for every three weeks. With fourth and fifth graders going back March 15th, they are making progress with getting students back into in person learning. They want to allow most high school and middle school students to finish school in person completely. There’s been

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