Holiday Surveys

When the winter holidays start to roll around there’s a very big stigma surrounding exactly when Christmas should start to be celebrated. Many start to get in the Christmas spirit starting as early as November 1st, once Halloween is over. Others like to wait until Thanksgiving passes before they start decorating and playing Christmas music.

We posted a survey on our Instagram story (@apexhslegacy) and we asked the question of when you celebrate Christmas. There was a good number of people who had decided to vote on it. The results are in, here were the numbers; 40% of the people voted to begin celebrating on November 1st, and 60% voted to begin celebrating after Thanksgiving had passed. Those numbers give us a clear winner here: celebrating after Thanksgiving is considerably more common than starting the Christmas cheer on November 1st.

Doing a slight follow up of our last survey, there was another one posted shortly after. It brought up the question of, when do you consider the 12 days of Christmas to be? Many people have a different outlook on this question as a whole. Some don’t really see any ‘12 days of Christmas’ and they only think of the song. Over 120 people voted on this poll, 13% voted for the 1st-12th of December. This makes the winner the 13th-24th of December, which over 87% of the people voted for. The actual 12 days of Christmas are the 25th of December through January 5th according to Western ecclesiastical tradition. 

With the holidays right around the corner, make sure to break out that holiday cheer. Spend time with family and friends, and even spoil yourself. Make sure to have a great holiday season this year.

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