How all students might return back in person completely.

Many students have already returned to school in person via cohorts. Doing a rotation every week, for every three weeks. With fourth and fifth graders going back March 15th, they are making progress with getting students back into in person learning. They want to allow most high school and middle school students to finish school in person completely. There’s been talk about how all students- except the virtual only students- might return to school before the end of this school year. 


With 1.1 million people finally vaccinated in NC and the current COVID numbers going down, life is steadily getting back to like before. With everything going back to normal, it’s expected that high school students are also going to also return to in person. All of the elementary schools in the Wake County district have been moved to plan A, returning back to school in person. Middle school and high schools are still on their three-week rotation. There’s been talk of another board meeting to be held for the high schools regarding being moved over to plan A.


Many parents have complained about how the one week in person teaching isn’t as helpful. Many want to know if Wake County will take advantage of going from plan B to plan A. Doing so would mean to revamp the schedules and might also affect online learning depending on how they go about it. Wake County allows all special-education students to return no matter what grade level they are in regardless of being in middle and high school. 


With the new legislative being signed in North Carolina the districts are allowed to decide if they want to return to school when they want. “The Wake County Board of Education will discuss the effect of the legislative on plans for returning middle and high school students to in-person instruction more frequently at its March 16 meeting.” This is from an update that Wake posted on Thursday. If Wake County were to vote that all middle school and high school students return to plan A, that would mean if you are in virtual academy, you wouldn’t have to return. Opting to stay home and learn instead of coming back to in person learning. Wake County said that if they were to vote to move to plan A it would go into effect in April allowing students to return. 


***Vote meeting will held tonight.

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