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How teens’ mental health has changed over the years.

Many teenagers have or had struggles with mental health throughout the years. Mental health is a big topic that has only recently been addressed.  Nowadays , people feel more comfortable talking and recognizing how mental health affects people. People are also more open to talk about their personal struggles with any mental illnesses they have, the most common ones being

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March madness 2021

Friday March 13th, 2020, was a very memorable day. The pandemic took control and shut everything down. This was just one week before March Madness, one of the most watched tournaments in all of sports, was scheduled to take place. After a few modifications, they finally cancelled it, bringing sadness to many. This week though, one year later, the March

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The Argument Over Whether or Not College Athletes Should Be Paid

 It is a known fact that college sports generate billions of dollars for schools, networks, and corporate sponsors. Everyone involved is making money off of college athletics except the athletes, the people that make the entire industry possible. There is a current debate going on in the sports industry that has college sports fans heated in regards to the push

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