Pink Super Moon: Origin and Meaning

On April 26th, according to NASA there was the first Pink Supermoon of 2021. The Pink Moon was at its brightest around 11:32 pm and stayed at that peak until around midnight. There was also a pink moon in 2020, around April 7th. This year’s Pink Supermoon was one of the two rumored supermoons that are supposed to happen this year. The second full moon is supposed to take place on May 26th.

 Although the supermoon is called pink, the moon actually doesn’t showcase any pink pigment when in the sky. With the Pink Supermoon not actually being the color pink, many wonder why it’s named that. The “Pink Moon” is called this because around this time in April, the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, is in bloom. This name was originally used by the Algonquin tribe as well as the colonial Americans. So every year in April, the traditional name for the full moon is referred to the ‘Pink Moon.’ This supermoon (along with many others) are about 7% bigger and 15% brighter than any typical full moons.   

The Pink Moon also has a spiritual meaning, that is very important to many people in the world. Spiritually, the Pink Moon happens to signify renewal and rebirth. It shows that after the long, gray, and cold winter, you get the surge of the warm colors of spring coming back. It serves as a reminder of the cycle. The cycle of hibernation and the reawakening. The Pink Moon is said to bring ‘stability and security to certain moments and make permanent changes.’

Although the moon didn’t actually look pink, it still holds meaning and old traditional feelings within it and its name. The bright white light that happened that day serves as a reminder that life can get rough along the way and that it’s normal, but it also signifies the hope that it’ll get better. The beauty of that moment will be right around the corner for you to witness, even after all those tough times.

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