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Thanksgiving Food Review

Thanksgiving is known for its gathering of family, but it is possibly known even more for its food. Family recipes emerge once a year to make an appearance at the Thanksgiving feast. Many foods are common to find on the table, but not all are agreed upon. People have differing opinions as to which foods are good. With that said,

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Apex’s New Course: Adobe Visual Design With Ms. Caudill

By: Faith Davis and Kushal Upreti This year, Apex has many new classes as well as teachers. One new addition is Adobe Visual Design, a Computer Engineering Technology (CET) class taught by Ms.Caudill. This elective is available to all students and a great way to improve computer skills as well as learn all about the Adobe applications. Although the course

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Meet Mr. Brown- Apex’s Newest Administrator

With the new school year underway, Apex has gained many new staff as well as administration.  Welcome Mr. Brown, our newest administrator. Mr. Brown works as an assistant principal and is involved with both students and teachers. His case load for students are grades 10-12 with last names starting with A through Da. With students, he provides them support with

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