Apex’s New Course: Adobe Visual Design With Ms. Caudill

By: Faith Davis and Kushal Upreti

This year, Apex has many new classes as well as teachers. One new addition is Adobe Visual Design, a Computer Engineering Technology (CET) class taught by Ms.Caudill. This elective is available to all students and a great way to improve computer skills as well as learn all about the Adobe applications.

Although the course Adobe Visual Design is new, Ms. Caudill is not. She’s been teaching at Apex High for the past nine years. Ms. Caudill is a part of the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) department and teaches the incoming freshmen Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Previously she was in charge of teaching POIT– a former math course specialized for AOIT students. Word and PowerPoint provide a great opportunity for students to gain the Microsoft Office Specialist certification which verifies that a student is well versed in all the technical aspects of Word and PowerPoint– and as a bonus it can even be used as a credit towards college. 

So what’s new for her? Well, starting off the 2021 school year, Apex High implemented Adobe Visual Design, formerly known as Multi-Media One Page Design, as an elective course available to those that might be interested during the Spring semester. In the class, students familiarize and sharpen their skills with online editing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign– and of course most, if not all, assignments will be based on those softwares. Most of the course work involves minor assignments like learning and mastering individual tools, but there will be major assignments in which students will be tasked with creating a project utilizing all the tools they’ve mastered. Grades shouldn’t be too much of your concern (not to be confused with not caring about your grade), because at the end of the day the class is about manifesting your creativity through the Adobe editing softwares. The only hardship a student might face is making up work, although Ms. Caudill gives more than enough time to work on assignments in class.  As of right now, students don’t have a way of accessing these editing softwares without paying for them; however, during quarantine, Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) made the softwares available for download to students for the duration of the course and there could be a possibility of that continuing. And to finally address the elephant in the room, what does the final look like? Well, it’s similar to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in the sense that  students can skip the final if they pass the certifications for the course, but if they fail then they will have to take the teacher-made exam.  

With this course being new to Apex, it has already taken a liking from many students. AOIT students get the priority, and many others are very interested in signing up for Adobe Visual Design. While this subject is becoming popular, Ms. Caudill mentioned that “We are going to be adding (Adobe) DreamWeaver and (Adobe) Premier down the line. There’s an Adobe digital and Adobe video course that we’re going to add down the road, so this is kinda the introduction of it.” Students will be able to look forward to future courses relating back to this course in the video and digital sides of Adobe. 

In conclusion, Adobe Visual Design is new for Apex students and is taught by Ms. Caudill in room 2305. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for this course, look out for it when class sign up rolls around in the spring.

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