Student Athlete Interview: Maddie Degnan

Being a multi-sport athlete is a ton of work, but getting the opportunity to play on varsity as a freshman is an honor. For freshman Maddie Degnan, it has been an experience of a lifetime being a part of Apex’s women’s varsity basketball team, the Lady Cougars varsity softball team, and the varsity Cougars tennis team. I had the pleasure to interview Maddie and learn all about her journey through Apex High sports.


Q- What sports teams do you participate in at Apex High?

A- “I play varsity tennis, varsity basketball, and varsity softball.”

Q- How long have you played these sports?

A- “I’ve played softball and all my life, and I started playing basketball in middle school.”

Q- What is your favorite part about being on these teams?

A- “It’s a family by the end of the season, and I love getting to know new people.”


 As Maddie mentioned, she has played softball her entire life, and it has become a real family. I wanted to talk more about her journey with the team and her take on the varsity freshman perspective.


Q- What is it like being a freshman on the varsity team?

A- “For some of the sports, it was difficult because I was pushed harder than what other freshmen are pushed to be. I feel like I’m held to a higher standard, and that’s motivational.”

Q-How long have you been pitching?

A- “Since 4th grade.”

Q- Do you play softball outside of Apex High?

A- “Yes, I play for South Wake Storm Navy and South Wake Storm Nationals.”


Alongside softball, basketball is also a passion of Maddie’s. Check out these questions about her journey through the women’s varsity basketball team.


Q- Do you play basketball outside of Apex High?

A- “No, I don’t.”

Q- What position do you play in basketball?

A- “I usually play center.”


Some of the memories Maddie has made while being a part of these teams relate to the sense of family that comes from being on a team. This means connecting with a bunch of new friends and meeting new people along the way. With Maddie’s amount of dedication to herself as an athlete, she is sure to go wherever her heart takes her. Her current goal is to continue playing softball through college.

In conclusion, Maddie’s strength and hard work have gotten her so far in her athletic career. Her love for sports combined with her persistence to strive to always be her best self is an amazing inspiration to many. Apex High wishes her the best of luck with the rest of this spring season and all the best with your sports.

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