Meet Mr. Brown- Apex’s Newest Administrator

With the new school year underway, Apex has gained many new staff as well as administration.  Welcome Mr. Brown, our newest administrator.

Mr. Brown works as an assistant principal and is involved with both students and teachers. His case load for students are grades 10-12 with last names starting with A through Da. With students, he provides them support with their counselors, athletics, and their achievements. He also helps support teachers, whether it’s with creating lesson plans or if they are having discipline problems. Mr. Brown describes his first impression of Apex High School as a family. He says “The atmosphere is very caring, nurturing, and loving. I love waking up and coming to my job; I have a good time here every day, I love the challenges that I face daily and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.” 

This school year, Mr. Brown wants to keep everyone safe. He describes that his biggest concern is ensuring that everyone washes their hands, practices social distancing, and follows mask mandates. His main goal is to complete this school year by keeping all students in face-to-face learning. He’s also excited to see who at Apex graduates at the top of Wake county. “I want to see our numbers increase for graduation rates, and I want to see numbers increase when it comes to ACT, SAT and EOG scores.” 

He is also looking forward to watching our school’s sports teams throughout the year. He supports them by following almost every Apex HS athletic team on Twitter. “I’ve been to probably seven or eight games already; soccer, football, and volleyball. So I keep up with it tremendously and I definitely want to see everyone do a great job on the field.”

Mr. Brown grew up in Florence, MS, a town about 15 minutes outside of Jackson, MS. He lived there up until 2009 before moving to Raleigh to attend Shaw University where he studied sports management and recreation with a minor in business administration. After graduating, he decided to stay in NC and has been here ever since. Now, one of his favorite pass-times outside of school is cooking. He described cooking as one of his second passions, even calling himself a “part-time chef” because of how he loves to try new recipes and different things. “I think cooking just gives you a sense of calmness, and it’s something I truly enjoy about myself.” Mr. Brown also enjoys landscaping his yard, going as far as to grow his own vegetables that he uses to cook with as well as planning to pickle and ferment.

Initially, Mr. Brown attended college with the dream to become a sports manager. “I wanted to sign somebody like Lebron James or Steph Curry to my organization so I could represent them.” He ended up having a change of heart, though, and realized his passion for helping students. That’s when he decided to become a football coach at Enloe. “The more and more I was involved with education, I said “Hey, I wanna help them on a different level versus just athletics, let me help them academically. And now, I’m here.” 

Mr. Brown was at Enloe High School for four years. He was in CTE and taught various classes including marketing, sports marketing 1 and 2 honors, and a wide range of microsoft classes. He was also the DECA advisor while at Enloe and placed students in the national championship every year. Since becoming an administrator at Apex, his job has shifted from instructional support to managerial duties, describing it as “A plethora of different things.” Mr. Brown made the decision to become an administrator because he wanted to help guide and coach teachers as well as interact with more students. ”This leadership position allows me to reach more students that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to build a rapport with. If I can help teachers strategize and implement different techniques to reach our students’ maximum potential, I’m pleased!”  

Mr. Brown’s office can be found at room 4413. He is usually walking around campus for the majority of the day, but if he is in his office, he has an open-door policy. Despite his official case load, Mr. Brown offers support to any and all students and faculty in need of it.

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