Club Spotlight: Various New Clubs to Apex 

By: Faith Davis and Kristina Andrews

This year, Apex has so many new clubs offered for students that are also run by students. Clubs are an amazing way to get involved in your school and meet so many new people. Some new clubs we found are Apex Immersive, Success Builders, UNICEF, and Psychology Club. Keep reading or learn more about these clubs and how you can get involved in them. 

Apex Immersive

Apex Immersive is one of the Newest clubs here at Apex with the club president, Ashley Neall, coming up with the idea just a few months ago. She felt strongly about bringing both the arts and the science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) together. She stated, “I feel like we didn’t have a club that really emphasized welcoming students who liked both the arts and the sciences.” A main goal of hers is to eventually bring virtual reality headset into the classroom. With this, she hopes that teachers will have the opportunity to create lessons, projects, and labs that students will be able to experience right from their headset. With Ashley being a senior, she doesn’t have much time left here at Apex, so she hopes to make an impact this year and/or bring on some amazing board members to carry on this club. When asked about future plans, Ashley replied with “That would be awesome if this club continued after I was gone because if we can’t get headsets into the classroom this year, I think we could get them into the classroom maybe next year or the year after that if we kept pushing for it.” Future fundraisers and events are some things that Ashley hopes to do this year. If you are interested or want to know more about Apex Immersive, they meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in Mrs. George’s room (4415). You can find them on instagram @apeximmesive and get involved through the Remind and Google Classroom. 

Success Builders

Another new club here at Apex is run by junior, Owen Chitister. He created the club Success Builders. “I was thinking about it being more of a discussion based club. We would introduce the topic, teach a little about it, but then it would turn into an open discussion between members.” Though it was originally created last year, being virtual made it difficult to jumpstart the meetings. This year, they hope to bring in new members as well as possible board members to carry on the club in the years to come. At their meetings, a topic is introduced that relates to skills not yet taught here at Apex, then a small lesson will be taught, then the floor is open for discussion amongst everyone there. For example, upcoming meetings will be touching on habits, networking, and optimising your body. If you are interested in checking out Apex Success Builder, they meet once a month in Mr. Dong’s room (2212). For more information, you can join their Remind by texting @ASB2022 to the number 81010 or simply follow them on Instagram @apex.successbuilders . 

Psychology Club

Among the new clubs at Apex, is the Psychology club, started remotely last year with the help of Coach Todd. This year, the club is run by president Carter Spillman and vice president Nicolette Tandravinata. “The club was created to help enrich kids in psychology and help the mental health of students, especially in quarantine”. They have plans to do many small club experiments, as well as some larger projects, like a HOSA health fair or pair with Student Council. They hope to keep the club going, and leave a lasting impact on bettering the student body’s mental health. The psychology club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month in Mr. Frederick’s room (4414), and welcomes all new members. You can follow them on instagram @apexpsych, and join their Remind as well. 


Unicef Club is also new to Apex this year, and they have big plans as well. The club,  run by Kalyani Chandrashekaran and Sophia Hayer, has already gathered supplies and put together packages for the children in Haiti. Their goal is to help children worldwide, and to bring the cause to our local community. The club is a chapter of the UNICEF organization. They have more activities and fundraisers to come, and are always open to new members. They meet in Ms. Luch’s room (4408) every Monday, and you can follow them on Instagram @apex.unicef.

In conclusion, there are so many new clubs here at Apex that every student has the opportunity to get involved in. For many, no commitment is required, so it is so easy to check out new clubs. For more information and the extended Apex High club list click here.

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