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Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means delicious foods are soon to fill our stomachs! A lot of times eloquent recipes cost lots of money and take up a substantial amount of time. We have compiled a list of Thanksgiving treats to please your taste buds without breaking your wallet! Apple Crisps~ Ingredients Topping: ½ cup of brown

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Freshman vs. Upperclassman

Stereotypically, freshman and upperclassmen have very different mindsets when it comes to high school. I decided to put this theory to the test and really see how a freshman’s answers compare to those who have been in high school multiple years. I interviewed two freshman, Abraham Solis and Ariana Wallace, and two juniors, Josh Lucia and Lindsay Nyman, in hopes

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Horror Movies for Fall 2017

Fall is the perfect time for horror movies. Everyone loves a good scare!I have compiled a list of some of the most-talked-about horror movies for 2017 and what I think about them. Rings- PG-13, released February 3, 2017 A video is sent around telling the story of a young girl who was brutally murdered. Every person that watches the video

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