MMA Fighter helps down syndrome man’s dream come true

Diego Sanchez, a professional mixed martial artist in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), demonstrated a commendable act of kindness this past week. Sanchez trains at Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque New Mexico. Isaac Marquez walked into Jackson Wink MMA and instantly bonded with Sanchez. Marquez suffers from Down’s syndrome disorder. When asked why Sanchez was so adamant about Marquez continuing his martial arts quest, he answered, “ Most Down’s Syndrome adults don’t live past 45. Isaac is 32, and I just want to see this young man be healthy. Exercise and martial arts are one of the healthiest things you can do.”  

Sanchez helped train Marquez, and seeing the progress he made, he decided to help his dreams come true of being a UFC fighter. Jackson Wink MMA put on their own gym fight night, featuring Sanchez vs. Marquez. Since the fight was not done under the state commission and more of a publicized sparring session, Sanchez’s professional record would not be affected.  

The event was treated as a professional fighting atmosphere. Once they both stepped into the cage, Sanchez obviously letting Marquez work and show off his skill; Marquez ended up getting the win via armbar in the first round. The crowd went insane as Marquez achieved his dream of beating a professional UFC fighter.  On Instagram Sanchez shared,“@isaacmarquezabq gets his big fight! He is dedicating it to his mom who died of dementia. This champion is one of the most passionate motivating men I’ve ever crossed paths with!MMA IS HIS PASSION AND  HE LOVE @UFC come watch him fight me.”

Professional athletes always make the news for negative actions they make. Diego Sanchez shows that these athletes can still bring goodness in the world. He sets a great example all around the world to professional athletes, students athletes, or everyday people. With his motivational effort, Sanchez can be an inspiration to all of us to make someone smile by using our powers and connections for good.

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