Freshman vs. Upperclassman

Stereotypically, freshman and upperclassmen have very different mindsets when it comes to high school. I decided to put this theory to the test and really see how a freshman’s answers compare to those who have been in high school multiple years. I interviewed two freshman, Abraham Solis and Ariana Wallace, and two juniors, Josh Lucia and Lindsay Nyman, in hopes to finally prove or disprove the stereotype.

Question: How do you feel/deal with being late to school/class?

(Freshman)Abraham: I don’t really get too worried; I just get my stuff out and do my work.

(Junior)Josh: I don’t get super stressed, I am just kind of chill about it.

(Freshman)Ariana: I say well I’m already late ,so I just take my time.

(Junior)Lindsay: I just shrug it off; everyone’s late every once in awhile.

Question: How do you prepare before a big test?

(Freshman)Abraham:I just try to remember everything from that unit and what my teacher has told me, and I just try to do better than the last test.

(Junior)Josh: I cram as much studying as possible in.

(Freshman)Ariana: I normally wait and study the day of.

(Junior)Lindsay: I get a big group of friends together ,and we all study together.

Question: How do you get to school?

(Freshman)Abraham: I get to school by the bus.

(Junior)Josh: I get to school by the bus.

(Freshman)Ariana: My friend drives me in the mornings.

(Junior)Lindsay: I drive to school.

Question: What do you do after school?

(Freshman)Abraham:After school I either sleep or do whatever I feel like if I am bored.

(Junior)Josh: I suck it up and head out to work.

(Freshman)Ariana:I tend to just hang out with my friends.

(Junior)Lindsay: I go to jump rope after I finish up with my homework.

Question: How long do you spend on homework?

(Freshman)Abraham:I spend about ten minutes a night on homework.

(Junior)Josh: I spend around an hour a day on homework.

(Freshman)Ariana:I spend at most twenty minutes on homework.

(Junior)Lindsay: I can spend up to three hours a night on my homework.

Question: What did you bring on the first day of school?

(Freshman)Abraham: I brought some paper, a pen, and a notebook for my first day of school.

(Junior)Josh: I brought a pencil.

(Freshman)Ariana: I only brought my bookbag.
(Junior)Lindsay: I barely brought anything, maybe a pencil.

Question: How long did it take you to get ready this morning?

(Freshman)Abraham:This morning it took me around fifteen minutes to get ready.

(Junior)Josh: Maybe twenty minutes.

(Freshman)Ariana: Ten minutes at most.

(Junior)Lindsay: Around forty-five minutes.

Question: What would you say your music taste is?

(Freshman)Abraham:Mainly hip hop but a little bit of everything.

(Junior)Josh: My music taste is very unconventional.

(Freshman)Ariana: I really like a little bit of everything.

(Junior)Lindsay: My music taste is everywhere.

Question: How do you spend your weekends?

(Freshman)Abraham:I normally spend them doing anything that doesn’t make me bored.

(Junior)Josh: I play a lot of video games.  

(Freshman)Ariana: I spend them by hanging out with people.

(Junior)Lindsay:I like to spend them traveling.

After looking at these interviews and answers, the stereotype is questionable. A stereotypical freshman is supposed to care more and try harder than an upperclassman. Here we see that upperclassman may brush things off like being late to class but take more time in their studies. Why may this be? Upperclassmen have a more realistic and sooner goal for college. Freshman don’t tend to stress college as much as a junior would, considering that colleges look very closely at your junior year. I would say that this interview disproved the stereotype. Freshman seem to come in with a more nonchalant mindset that grows into a more focused and caring mindset by the time they are upperclassmen. Try to remember how you were as a freshman to now, or if you are a freshman, predict how you will be in a few years. Do you fit the stereotype?


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