Horror Movies for Fall 2017

Fall is the perfect time for horror movies. Everyone loves a good scare!I have compiled a list of some of the most-talked-about horror movies for 2017 and what I think about them.

Rings- PG-13, released February 3, 2017

A video is sent around telling the story of a young girl who was brutally murdered. Every person that watches the video is sentenced to be the next victim of the girl. Victims have to endure seven days of torture before the girl murders them in devastating fashion. When a young woman receives the estranged video, she discovers the hidden secrets and mysteries of the video are much more than anyone saw coming.

Rings is not a movie that personally interests me because of the plot. The focus on new horror movies have centered around the internet and technology. The whole focus of technology horror movies is very unrealistic whereas traditional horror is very realistic, tricking you into a false sense of reality.  The movie seems to be a good option to someone who is looking for a little scare but not a horror story.

Split- PG-13, released January 20, 2017

Four friends are kidnapped by an alarming stranger. He keeps them trapped and locked in his boarded up basement while the psychopath continues to live his daily life. The group of girls have to escape after learning the man that has kidnapped them struggles with a multiple personality disorder and they have to comply with all the separate personalities to hopefully escape.

What intrigues me about Split is the fact that multiple personality disorder is a real thing. This type of horror movie plays on a person’s emotions, knowing this would actually be a possibility making you scared to go back into the real world. When I go and see a horror movie, I want to be petrified and paranoid for days on end. This movie seems to fit that description perfectly.

Get Out- R, released February 24, 2017

When a young African-American man goes to meet the family of his new girlfriend, he is alarmed to see signs that lead him to develop a conspiracy. After learning the disappearance of several African-Americans in the area, it is a race for the clock to get out before he becomes the next victim.      

Get Out interests me for an odd reason; the plot of the movie is very twisted and abnormal. The fact that they are playing with fear based on a race and not a paranormal figure is very appealing. I would see the movie to find out how they play on people’s fears that maybe aren’t of that race, considering the trailer was enough to frighten me.                               

Bye- Bye Man- PG-13, released January 13,2017

Three students struggle with the town’s horrifying monster known as the “Bye Bye Man” who kills his victims by giving them extremely vivid hallucinations. Whenever someone thinks or says his name, he doesn’t stop until they are dead. The only way to get rid of the horrifying monster is for nobody in the town to think or say his name ever again.

Bye-Bye Man is again one of those movies that strikes me as so unrealistic. I want a horror movie to feel like a reality. This movie seems almost more like a psycho-thriller rather than a horror movie, though it is in the horror category. I would recommend this to someone who likes any type of horror movie, not just the realistic ones.

2017 has lots of great movies to choose from. Spice up your fall season with a horror film!

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