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College Basketball’s Biggest Scandal in over Ten Years

The world of college basketball took a huge blow recently as devastating reports of recruitment bribery and corruption were found. At programs like Louisville, Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and others, investigators have found cases of bribery between coaches and recruits. This scandal has led to suspensions, firings, and arrests of coaches and officials all over the NCAA and will threaten

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8

Updated October 4: IPhone release date is November 3. Starting last Friday, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for purchase in stores worldwide. Even with the release of the new design, Apple plans on releasing an even newer, more advanced model in late October called the iPhone X. This model will be made in honor of

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2017 NFL Season Preview

It’s finally football season, everybody! If you’re a sports fan, like myself, you have probably been waiting for this time since the Super Bowl in February. But even if you are not a football fan, this season could mean more to you than previous seasons. There have been numerous off-season stories that have excited us for the start of the

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