Why the CFB Playoff Committee Got It Right

Without a doubt this college football season was one to remember, especially with the continuous drama over the playoff race. The final playoff picture consists of Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama, ranked in that order, with Alabama narrowly making it in with the fourth spot over Ohio State. These teams will compete on New Year’s Day to try and punch their ticket to the National Championship on January 8. This selection process may have been a hard one for the playoff committee, but I am here to tell you why they got it right.

The biggest argument against Alabama deserving a playoff spot is that they are without a conference championship under their resume, which Ohio State has. But winning a conference championship should not necessarily guarantee a playoff spot. The Big 10 conference this year did not have the heavy competition as we are used to, and beating unranked Wisconsin by only seven points isn’t as impressive as it sounds. The SEC this season consisted of much better teams like Auburn, Georgia, and Alabama, making it much more difficult to compete for the championship.

With that being said, another big complaint is there being two SEC teams in the playoff, which is not ordinary. It seems everyone forgets the goal of having the playoff, which is to have the four best college football teams compete against each other for the National Championship. It’s not supposed to necessarily be fair, and it isn’t always going to be the most deserving teams. I commend the playoff committee for doing what they did. It shows a lot of guts to go against what is normal or fair, just to appeal the fans.

And finally, it is hard to say you are one of the top four teams in the country after you lose by thirty-one points to unranked Iowa. Numbers never lie, and this season Alabama had a better record and completely dominated their opponents.

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