iPhone X vs iPhone 8

Updated October 4: IPhone release date is November 3.

Starting last Friday, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for purchase in stores worldwide. Even with the release of the new design, Apple plans on releasing an even newer, more advanced model in late October called the iPhone X. This model will be made in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone line and will cost over $1,000. Questions have been asked and debate has surfaced as consumers are unsure which product to buy. While both have new designs and faster technology, there are some key differences to consider before purchasing.

Design: Both phones have similarities and differences from one another in terms of design. They have glass backs that enable wireless charging, faster technology, improved camera quality, and waterproof and dust resistance. Possibly the most exciting design changes are the lack of a home button and a larger screen size that stretches from edge to edge on the iPhone X. The champ is easily the iPhone X which has a sleeker design and more appealing look.

Price: As expected, these phones will raise Apple’s pricing to a whole new level with the iPhone 8 costing $699 and the iPhone X costing $999 for the 64GB model. For the 256GB version, the iPhone 8 will cost $849 and the iPhone X will cost $1,149! The iPhone X will be the first iPhone to cost one thousand dollars. The price champ is the iPhone 8, which is clearly more affordable.

Performance: The iPhone 8 and X are almost identical internally. Both have Apple’s A11 ‘Bionic’ chipset: Six core CPU, Six core GPU, and M11 motion coprocessor. An exciting new feature only the iPhone X carries is facial recognition identification. This breakthrough feature will allow users to unlock their phone almost effortlessly, replacing the fingerprint sensor. Apple has removed Touch ID from the X, but still carries it for the 8. The winner for this category is the iPhone X, but by a slim margin. The X and 8 virtually offer the same performance, except for Face ID.

Camera: Both the iPhone 8 and X carry Portrait Mode, which heavily blurs the background of an image to focus on a specific object. However, the X camera has faster aperture and better optical image stabilisation (OIS). Both phones are identical with a primary wide-angle rear 12 megapixel camera. There is no clear winner for this category.

There has been debate about which phone provides “better bank for the buck” recently. Although the iPhone 8 is more affordable, the iPhone X provides more advanced features and technology. But for high school students, the wiser option is the iPhone 8. Although the 8 is not quite as advanced as the X, it still shares new features with the X such as the glass back and wireless charging. The only drawback of purchasing the 8 instead of the X is not having a sleeker design with the larger screen, but in terms of technology, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are practically identical. For high schoolers, the 8 is more affordable by a lot. The iPhone 8 offers internet speed, camera quality, and design features that are improved from the 7, and durable and useful for all situations. It is unsure when exactly the iPhone X will be released. Some expect around late October or early November, so the iPhone 8 is a better option for someone looking for a new phone immediately.

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  • I would like to point out two minor inaccuracies. The IPhone X costs $1,149 for the 256GB model it’s $999 for the 64GB model. Also we do know the release date, It’s November 3


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