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Nikki’s Senior Sign-Off

While I never had the chance to learn at the original Apex building, I have had the opportunity to mold the new building for the next generation of Cougars. Freshman year, the class of 2021 started learning at the Green Level campus. Although my time there was enjoyable and I certainly made unforgettable memories, it feels good to be home

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Online Thrifting: Selling on Poshmark

If you haven’t yet, check out the first Poshmark article here about how to buy on Poshmark. Selling items online may seem daunting. There’s a lot to consider such as shipping costs, packaging, listing prices, and listing fees. Poshmark eliminates a lot of these variables, making it easy to make some quick cash. The first step to selling on Poshmark

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Online Thrifting: Buying on Poshmark

As expected during a pandemic, the world of thrifting has been altered. Before Covid-19, many thrifted at stores such as Goodwill, Dorcas, or the Salvation Army to freshen their closet and homes affordably. With safety concerns and quarantine, shopping in person, especially for used clothes, is difficult. Online resale companies have solved this problem by providing an easy way to

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