Nikki’s Senior Sign-Off

While I never had the chance to learn at the original Apex building, I have had the opportunity to mold the new building for the next generation of Cougars. Freshman year, the class of 2021 started learning at the Green Level campus. Although my time there was enjoyable and I certainly made unforgettable memories, it feels good to be home at the original campus.

At Apex we gained more school spirit and began finding our own voice. I joined CougarTV and saw school spirit prosper. Football games were always crowded, and the auditorium was full for theater performances.

Theater holds a special place in my heart. I have been involved with the Apex Peak Players since the beginning of sophomore year. I began by taking a theater class and eventually found myself as a stage manager.

The pandemic came quickly and left a major impact on the school environment. School became virtual, and the things I had previously relied on, CougarTV and theater, became impossible. I instead focused more time on my academics, taking Wake Tech classes through dual enrollment.

Slowly life started returning to normal. Ms. Levine allowed us to create a podcast virtually and we were able to perform the Popsical, a collaboration between Apex theater and chorus. Even though returning to in-person classes certainly brightened the environment, not having regular activities left a damper on the 2020-2021 school year.

Events came back gradually, with the Popsical , football games, and even prom. Things started to feel normal again. Just as I’m starting to feel like a senior, the year has come to a close. I’m grateful that we were able to come back to school in April and still have some time to experience the most normal year possible in a pandemic world.

I’m thankful to all of my teachers who’ve helped me get this far. A special thank you to Mrs. McGee, who welcomed me into CougarTV and then offered me a spot in Newspaper when CougarTV wasn’t possible. Thank you also to Mr. Hayes who always supported me in any means possible on my journey towards my Associates degree.

Although I wish I could have spent more time learning in the school building, I wouldn’t trade my experience at Apex High School for anything. Once a Cougar, always a Cougar.

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