A New Era for Apex Theater

In a world full of uncertainties, sometimes an escape is needed. Look no further than Apex Peak Players’s podcast, Desurgenda. Voiced and created by the brilliant minds of students at Apex High, this production is sure to take you on a journey to another world.

This three episode saga follows three groups of teenagers in an apocalyptic-type world. The rag tag gangs must hide from the sun’s poisoning during the day and uncover the secrets of a dangerous organization at night. Along the way, listeners will experience tragic moments of loss and beautiful moments of triumph.

Some may be hesitant to dive into the story as it is delivered far differently from the Peak Players’s past productions. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic prevented an onstage production in the auditorium, and Ms. Levine, Apex’s director, wanted to create something different than the Google Meet plays nearby high schools produced.

The result is an immersive experience for listeners and an unforgettable experience for the students involved. When asked about how this experience is different than theater experiences in the past, voice actor Sydney Porter responded, “A lot of us have been doing theater for a long time, and we know a lot of visual and auditory tools to convey a story, but only using audio has definitely been a challenge. The biggest problem we run into is having grand ideas for something only to decide it would probably be better as a movie or something.”

The audio drama’s first two episodes have been released so far, and the sound effects, which were also created by Apex students, are crucial in assisting the story. Having no visual aspect wasn’t the only obstacle the students faced, though.

The Peak Players took this project head on by not only voice acting and recording over Google Meet but also scripting the entire storyline virtually. Stevie Levite gave her perspective on this decision, sharing, “Besides being completely virtual, this experience is different due to the entire process, particularly plot designing and script writing. I’ve never written a script before or designed a plot of any kind, so it was really interesting getting to collaborate with the cast and crew during the process!”

Voice actors and crew alike feel lucky to be able to share this story with an audience. While listeners may need an escape from the stresses of the world, the Peak Players do as well. Gillian Kepley, a co-stage manager of the production, shared her appreciation for the opportunity, saying, “This podcast has given me a community of people to talk to which I think is really important during a time of isolation like this.”

To support the Peak Players’s hard work on this podcast and take a little break from reality, be sure to check out Desurgenda. The first two episodes are available for purchase now through a link at apexdrama.com. The final episode of the trilogy will be released in February 2021.

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