Online Thrifting: Selling on Poshmark

If you haven’t yet, check out the first Poshmark article here about how to buy on Poshmark.

Selling items online may seem daunting. There’s a lot to consider such as shipping costs, packaging, listing prices, and listing fees. Poshmark eliminates a lot of these variables, making it easy to make some quick cash.

The first step to selling on Poshmark is picking what items to sell. Practically anything can be sold, but when it comes to making the most profit, there are certain things that will sell better. Clothing items from luxury brands like Lululemon or bags from Coach will likely sell at a higher price point than an old sweater from Old Navy.

Whether uploading a listing on the Poshmark app or on the website, the first step is to post pictures of the item you are selling. It’s best to take multiple pictures from several different angles so the buyer will truly know what they will receive.

Next, the listing needs a title. This should be something that will be easily searched so it will come up on buyer’s feeds. Then, provide a description of the item. Clothing items typically include how often it’s been worn or washed and any signs of wear. Household items should include a description of any flaws, cracks, or stains.

It’s important to select the category of the item because sometimes buyers will filter by category in order to find a specific item. If your item is labeled in the correct category, it will likely sell faster. If there is more than one available quantity for the item, that can be changed; otherwise leave that section alone, and it will automatically list it as a single item.

Possibly the most important category to fill in is size. With clothing especially, the My Size filter will narrow down the buyers search results, so it’s essential to make sure the size is accurately listed on the post. The next several categories are optional filters. These include new with tags, brand, color, and style tags. These selections may help buyers find your item more easily when they’re searching.

The next required box is price. It may seem daunting to figure out how much to list an item for, but Poshmark has a convenient suggested price calculator. Using your description and categories it suggests a price range for your item to be listed. It’s best to pick a price higher than the lowest number because you may have to send or accept lower offers. There is an option to add the original price of the item so buyers can see how much money they’re saving by buying from you.

Here you will have the option to offer discounted shipping. Keep in mind that if you offer discounted shipping, the difference will be subtracted from your earnings. Aftering selecting the shipping price, your estimated earnings will show according to the price you listed.

Lastly, select that the listing is for sale and hit submit! There is no listing fee on Poshmark, so if no one buys the item, you’ve lost no money. Now that you’ve made the initial jump, hopefully likes and offers will start rolling in.

The news section will keep you up to date with your listings. You can find notifications about likes, offers, comments, and more in this section.

If you’re lucky, a buyer will buy your item at the listing pric,e and you’ll just have to ship the package. Sometimes, sellers are not so lucky, and it takes some compromise between the buyer and seller to come to an agreement.

As mentioned in the first Poshmark article, sellers can make a counter offer to a buyer’s offer. This can sometimes earn you just a couple more bucks, and it doesn’t hurt to try. If the buyer denies, you can always make another offer with their original asking price.

If your listing is not selling, there are several things you can do. Firstly, you can edit the listing price. This will notify all likers of the listing that the price has decreased and will likely make it a higher result on the Poshmark feed. Secondly, you can make an offer to all likers. Your offer must be at least 10% below the listing price and include a shipping discount. Poshmark will calculate your net earnings before you send the offer, so you can see how much money you would make if a liker accepts your offer. Just like a normal offer, all offers are binding and expire in 24 hours.

If you make a sale on Poshmark, you will receive 80% of the listing price, and Poshmark will take the other 20%. This fee covers selling fees and shipping costs.

Shipping with Poshmark is extremely easy. Once you’ve made a sale, you’ll receive an email with a prepaid shipping label. Simply find a box or envelope to mail your item in and package it up. If you don’t have a box to use at home, Poshmark offers free Priority Mail boxes at the post office. Sellers are encouraged to include a thank you note inside the package.

Once the item is sealed inside the package, simply tape the shipping label from Poshmark onto the box. All that’s left to do is take the package to the post office or schedule a pick up.

Once the package is received by the buyer, they have three days to accept to order. As soon as the order is accepted, your funds will be deposited into your Poshmark account. If the buyer doesn’t accept the item manually, Poshmark will automatically deposit the money to you after three days.

The money in your account can be used to buy items directly from Poshmark or can be transferred to your bank account for spending somewhere else. There is no fee for transferring money out of your account, but it does take several business days.

Practically anything can be sold on Poshmark, and it’s an easy way to make money! Especially if you’re already buying on Poshmark, selling your old items can make room for your new ones.

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