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Are you headphones spying on you?

What would you do if your headphones were spying on you? If hundreds or thousands of people were privy to any media you listened to? A new lawsuit against Bose Headphones was announced, claiming that the audio equipment was collecting personal information from its users without permission. Kyle Zak, the proprietor of this case, did everything correctly. “He registered the

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North Carolina temporarily repeals HB2

House Bill 2 has been temporarily  repealed on Thursday to an array of mixed public feelings. HB2 established a multitude of statutes from not punishing racial, religious, disability, sexual, and gender discrimination in the workplace to child welfare requirements and minimum wage. However, HB2  is most known for its ruling on  state-designated bathrooms, for it denies students the right to

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Celebrate when you graduate!

You voted, and we listened! According to a poll Legacy took last week, the most popular way to celebrate high school graduation at Apex is via a party. Why not kick off the summer with the perfect high school send-off? Here are a few quick tips and tricks that are essential to throwing the perfect bash. 1. Invitations Don’t invite

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