How Apex Seniors are going to celebrate graduation

As a senior at Apex High, June 13 is going to be one of the most important dates in your life so far. As the end of your public education nears, it’s important to look ahead to life after high school. Is college the right path for you? Perhaps joining the workforce would be more fulfilling. But before all that stressiness hits, you should celebrate!

“I might go to the beach,” admitted Griffin Watson, Apex alumni-to-be, when asked what his plans were once he graduated. “Or I’ll work on a short film.”

Some other students have bigger plans. Sean Elmore plans on traveling a little farther than a convenient three hour drive to the beach.  “When I graduate, I’m going to London.” he said enthusiastically.

By far, the most common means of celebrating is the trusty graduation party. Legacy even took the liberty to conduct a poll on Twitter, with mixed results.

legacy quiz2

Graduation party wins out as the most popular among Apex High students!

Check back next week for tips on how to throw the perfect graduation party.

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