Celebrate when you graduate!

You voted, and we listened! According to a poll Legacy took last week, the most popular way to celebrate high school graduation at Apex is via a party. Why not kick off the summer with the perfect high school send-off? Here are a few quick tips and tricks that are essential to throwing the perfect bash.

1. Invitations

Don’t invite your entire graduating class, but don’t just invite your close friends. Reach out to old acquaintances and friends-of-friends to create that perfect party atmosphere. Word of warning: depending on your venue space, don’t go over fifty people (especially if the venue is your house).

2. Decorations

You really don’t need any. Streamers are fun and all, but it’s not your birthday, is it? But balloons are fun for any occasion. Try your hand at starting a guest book for your classmates to sign and for you to cherish as the years go by.

3. Food

You’ve been in school long enough to know that food is one of the biggest motivations for a high school student. I’ve witnessed a junior run a lap around the track for his friend’s slice of pizza, that had been dropped on the ground (5-second rule really counts for something, huh?). Cake isn’t a must-have, but definitely have something sweet on hand to pacify the masses, especially if the party is later in the day, and everyone has already had dinner. On the drink menu, I suggest two to three types of soda, maybe even a lemonade to even out the carbonation. Hint: If you want to throw a real rager, a true host would serve Pepsi and Coke

4. Entertainment

If you plan on hanging in the backyard or something similar, then get a boombox/speaker system. Pop songs are your salvation. Everyone knows the words, and you’ll reach a wider audience of listeners. If you’re having an indoors soirée, then consider putting the TV on before hand, or even go as far as to set up a popular movie. Tip: Disney never fails. Games are also a good way to kick-start the evening. Popular party games include: Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Manhunt, or even Monopoly! Nothing like a little rage to add to your memorable night.

5. Attire

In my humble opinion, there is no wrong place to wear a ballgown. But if you want to be cool for your friends or whatever, then skinny jeans and a plaid flannel never cease to give off the cool vibe that so many desperately desire. All joking aside, wear what makes you comfortable, or if you’re really that worried, set up a group chat with fellow party goers to compare outfits.  

If you follow these obvious professional guidelines then your party is sure to be a hit. Good luck to all party throwers!

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