Wanna get out of school earlier?

Congratulations, freshman and sophomores! The North Carolina School Board is in the process of potentially revising the traditional-calendar for the 2018-2019 school year. On Feb. 4, House Bill 53 was filed and is currently awaiting review that would allow for major modifications to the current school calendar.

Around ten years ago, the traditional-calendar moved start times up to late August and end times to early June, and that is how it has been. Until now. If House Bill 53 is passed, scheduling could work out so students in North Carolina could take their exams before leaving for winter break,  and start a new semester at the beginning of January. This means that students would have to go back to school earlier in August, but it could also mean getting out for summer by….

Memorial Day.

Most of the Apex High student body were happy to hear about the proposed calendar adjustments.

Some students cannot find motivation or just do not have the time to study over the holidays. Having exams before break is more convenient, according to freshman Vi Martin and her friends.

“I knew someone who almost failed their math class because they didn’t study over Christmas break,” Martin admitted. “Nobody studies over Christmas,” agreed her friend, junior Alyssa Conway.

This change would not affect the current junior and senior classes; even so, junior Joshua Cole expressed his agreement with the plan. “We could actually relax over break.” he imagined.

“I’m just upset they aren’t doing it sooner,” joked junior Isabelle Macaleer.

But a few students expressed their disagreement with the idea.

“Personally, I’d rather have the extra time to study.” admitted freshman Angelina Cordone. “I’d be worried about how I did [on my exams] during the break.”

None of this is set in stone. It could take months for the school board to approve these hypothetical changes, and that’s if the North Carolina legislature passes the bill to allow calendar flexibility. As always, here is a reminder to study for your exams no matter how scheduling works out.

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