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Should Fidget Spinners be banned?

I’m sure everyone has seen at least one person spinning a little toy around school. Fidget spinners are the new “hot” toy, but should they be allowed in schools? Many school districts are starting to ban fidget spinners to keep them out of classes. Fidget spinners are small hand held toys that are meant to help reduce stress, anxiety, and

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French Presidential Race

On April 23, the French Election was held. With no clear winner, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen had a runoff. Macron is a member of the En Marche party and the former minister of Economy, Finances, and Industry of France. Le Pen is a member of the National Front party, a right-wing populist party. The party has plans to

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Facebook Killer Steve Stephens

On April 16, Steve Stephens shot and killed seventy-four year old man Robert Goodwin Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio. Stephens shot Goodwin in the face. At the time, Stephens livestreamed the killing on Facebook and proceeded to get back in his car and drive away. Because of this, a fifty thousand dollar bounty was established for Stephens Stephens was forty-seven years

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