Leave Your Mark

This is my last official article for Apex Legacy. I want to leave one large message with everybody. The most important lesson to understand in life is that life is a game, and it is a game of perspective. There is only one way to win the game. It is to change your perspective to your goals. This year I have discussed a lot about different topics, one of the most crucial being the “millionaire mindset.” Let’s discuss leaving your mark wherever you go.

Over the past four years of high school, I have had the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people. Whether they are people that I have met from school, sports, Boy Scouts, or even outside connections, words cannot describe how blessed I am to have met them. Through these different connections I have, every one of them have left a mark on me. Some are negative; others are extremely positive. The mark they have left is a life lesson or helping me understand something about myself on a different level. We are in a time of life where we, as teenagers, especially as high school seniors are supposed to have it all figured out, when we have nothing figured out. There is no prep manual for figuring out what you want to do in life; it is something that you are supposed to figure out at eighteen. What you will want to do until you become sixty-five. What you want to spend your days doing, year after year.

The most influential mark left on me is one that I will always take with me in life. No matter what you do in life, you need to be the best at it. People constantly sell themselves short. I watched a story the other day about a man who is ninety-six, and he is a cross guard in California. He takes his job seriously and is the best cross-guard he can be. People sell themselves short because they settle with mediocre. They settle with being average. Whatever you do in life, whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a janitor, a garbage person, no matter what your profession is, you should do it to the best of your ability. Through that, you can leave a mark on someone else’s life.

Another important lesson I think people should know going on in life deals with something that has happened recently to me. I have been active in the BMW Community in the Raleigh area and have made some exceptional connections with a local mechanic shop. Recently, my BMW was in an accident, and I called this local mechanic shop. I have done plenty of work with them, and I consider them friends. I needed new rotors for my car, and needed to get them quick. My brakes need to be changed as soon as possible, and I would have to wait a week or longer to get what I needed. I called them up, and they had me the rotors in four hours. They took care of me. I went to an Eagle Scout dinner not long ago, and the key note speaker was Col. (Retired) Robert Adams. He was a Navy Seal, Doctor, Businessman, Author and Eagle Scout. He made a speech, and one of his most important lessons he wanted us to know was to take care of your people. I think this is an important aspect in life because if you take care of your people they will take care of you. These are two lessons that I wanted to leave to the current readers and future writers of Peak Student Media.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my articles as much as I have enjoyed writing them. It has been a pleasure to write for the Legacy for the past three years. I have grown my writing skills but more importantly, grown and learned as a person. Thank you for everything, Legacy.

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