Apex High School Women’s Soccer Playoff Update

The women’s soccer team is the only Apex High School team still standing in the NCHSSA 4A playoffs. Let’s take a recap at some of the opponents they have taken down to get to this moment now.

The team is ranked twentieth in the bracket, with an overall record of 12-7-1. They are ranked fifty-two in the North Carolina rankings and have overall a slew of injuries to get to this point now. The team had their first match-up on May 7, against Ashley High School in Wilmington, NC. The team won the brawl with a 3-2 upset. Next, they played Holly Springs. Holly Springs was the conference champion and ranked fourth in the bracket. The Cougars had fallen to Holly Springs earlier in the season with a 2-0 L, and picked up another loss in PK’s, losing 4-3 later in the season. In double over-time, the Cougars clinched the win, winning 2-1 and sending Holly Springs home. Laurel Ansbrow took the ball down the field with twenty seconds left to score. Coach Todd’s reaction was priceless, and the seven dollars all those fans spent was worth it.  The Cougars took on home-town rival, Apex Friendship last night. The Cougars put in two goals early on, one from Sara Moushegian, and one from Laurel Ansbrow to take the game home. The Cougars will now look to face the number one seed, Hoggard in Wilmington on Friday night!

We are wishing Coach Todd and the team the best and will have a follow-up on what happens with the team on Friday. Go Cougars!

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