What Is The Best Hobby?

Most people have a variety of wide range hobbies. Some people tend to argue that they have the best hobby (just so y’all know, cars is the best hobby to have.) But a legitimate argument can be made for any hobby: the community, the skills learned, the connections made, and even the usability of that hobby. However, what is truly the best hobby to have? I personally believe there are two major traits that play into it. The best hobby to have is one that you can enjoy and one that you can apply.

Time is by far our most valuable resource. We can never get it back; there is nothing we can do to conserve it, and it always is turning. You have to spend the limited time, and you should spend it doing something you enjoy. People always say, “Time flies by, doesn’t it?” While it may seem that the future is far, far away, it is in reality closer than you think. When you consider hobbies, what interest you? What makes you question what you don’t know, and what do you think would be fun? For me, that is cars. I enjoy spending the limited free time I get to work on cars. Why? Sure, they are dirty, expensive, and time consuming, but I learn a new lesson every time. I learn how to do something I did not know how to do before. I also learn more about my most expensive expenditure, or asset. (Take a look at my previous article, the true definition of wealth.) Personally, I like to be productive with my time. I like for the current me to be focused on future me, and for future me to thank past me for the things I have done. Through a hobby such as cars I am able to do two things. I am able to be a life-long learner, and I am able to be productive to accomplish new goals and tasks.

The other part I mentioned about hobbies is applying that hobby. This has two parts to it, which I will explain. The first is money. The key with the money part is that everything in life is about money. There is not a single thing people do that does not have some occurrence with money. With the hobby of cars, I save a lot of money, and I have a skill that can be used to earn money. There is a perfect quote, and it goes along the lines of this. “Don’t do a profession for money because the money won’t be there. Be the best at whatever your profession is, and the money will come.” Most people base their jobs, or even hobbies, off what will make them a lot of money. However, just because you do that doesn’t mean you will make money. The second part is a hobby that can be applied to real world concepts. There is a lot of “real world” concepts I am discussing here. This could be from social skills, to making money, to even learning how to build up time management skills. When you spend your time doing hobbies that you can apply to the real world, you do yourself a favor. Not only do you spend your time wisely, but you spend your time doing something you enjoy, because you are doing something you enjoy you want to actually learn more. From here, it becomes a snowball effect. You get my jist. Ideally, a hobby has both of the application parts, but it is not necessarily needed.

Overall, you should simply enjoy what you spend your time doing. Your hobbies should reflect you as a person, and should allow you to reach the “PEAK” of your talents. What are your hobbies? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below!

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