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Fall Sports Wrap-Up

With changes to the SWAC conference, and an entire new campus, many would think that Apex High School’s sports would be affected or perhaps weakened. However, the sports teams excelled in every aspect this past season. In fact, Apex is currently leading in Wells Fargo points for our conference. Read below to catch up on what happened in the 2017-18

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The Unimportance of Body Insecurities

Within the last several years, teenage girls have become more self-conscious of their body or how they look because of pictures on the media and unrealistic-looking models. Olympic athletes, beauty pageant participants, doctors, country leaders, and even everyday citizens are taking action to change the negativity surrounding body image and start helping girls believe that their body is beautiful.   

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To Kneel Or Not To Kneel

Recently, the National Football League has been gaining political attention due to players kneeling, linking arms, raising fists, sitting, or staying in the locker room during the Star Spangled Banner. Some participants chose not to stand because of their political views on President Donald Trump while others take part in order to raise awareness of racial injustice and police brutality

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Falling for Fall

As much as high schoolers do not want to admit it, summer is over. A new season has started, and that means the weather is cooler, the leaves are turning orange, red, and yellow, and the activities available in the Triangle are limitless. Take the scenic route on a nearby hike, spend the day working your way through a corn

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