Meet Mr. House!

Mr. House is one of the newest English teachers at Apex High School. One fun fact about him is that he has a cat named Monkey. Keep reading to learn more about him!

What did you do before coming to Apex?

“I was an AP intern two years ago at Apex High. After that, I cleaned beach houses while helping my mom out for a year and a half. I got my Masters degree, and now I’m back.”

Why did you become a teacher?

“My ninth grade teacher inspired me, and I enjoy being around young people.”

Why did you choose your subject area?

“I choose to teach English because writing is important; people always need to write and speak.”

What’s your favorite book?

The Women in the Window, a book about recovering from loss.”

What are you hobbies?

“Basketball, cooking, and learning French.”

What are you pet peeves?

“When students are disrespectful, lazy, and closed-minded.”

What were you like as a student?

“I was a mouthy, competitive perfectionist.”

What advice would you give students?

“I would encourage students to be themselves.”

If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?

“I would be interested in working in psychology.”

What is your most memorable moment as a teacher?

“I am grateful for the friendships I have with my coworkers.”

What do your students think of you?

“I would hope they would say I am a challenging.”

Although he doesn’t have his own room to teach in, he is still working hard at Apex High School. Welcome back Mr. House!

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