Where’s the School Spirit?

School spirit creates a sense of school community and identity. Even though Apex students are temporarily displaced at Green Level, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t proudly wear our school colors. School spirit includes a variety of things including: participating in extracurricular activities and supporting students at events. Here’s some ideas as to how you can show your school spirit!


  • Cheer on competitive events: It’s not hard to find a sports game to attend. Tennis, baseball, lacrosse, softball, golf, stunt, track – you name it. Most of days of the week, our sports teams are busy competing and they’d love for you to come out and support them. Check out their event schedule here.


  • Get involved: Joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities is not only great for helping you find what you’re interested in, but also creating a sense of school involvement. Plus, you can meet new people!


  • Wear Apex colors: Sport your latest Apex shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants – whether it’s from a club, a sport, or just a black, green, or gold shirt, it never hurts to show school spirit.


  • Watch performing arts shows: Support the actors and actresses at a production, attend an orchestra or chorus concert, or enjoy a band performance. It can be fun to support your peers and enjoy a well-rounded performance. Plus, attending school performing arts shows is much cheaper than a professional show, and the talent at Apex is comparable.


  • Involve yourself in events, such as Homecoming and Prom: Prom is the perfect chance to show your school spirit. Have fun dancing the night away and spending time with your friends.  At homecoming, all are invited while prom can be enjoyed by upperclassmen.

When Apex’s student body is involved and interested in the school, it demonstrates a passion for Cougar Pride. It’s important to be proud of our school’s academics and athletics and participating in opportunities our school offers.

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