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Coach Todd: Immortalized in History

By: Connor VanDerMark, Camille Gottholm, and Allison Hurley Coach Kevin Todd was a beloved coach and social studies  teacher at Apex High School. As one of the more experienced staff members, Coach Todd worked at Apex for twenty-nine years before his untimely passing on September 23, 2020. As the anniversary approaches, his family, friends, players, and students reflect on his

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Ace the ACT

As many of you Juniors know, the ACT is just around the corner. Testing can be very stressful, but if you prepare well and study hard, you have nothing to worry about. Even with this studying and preparation, the stress and anxiety is still evident while taking it. After all, this is one of the most important tests for colleges

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Go Down In History

Nobody believed it would continue. Surely it would be canceled. But luckily, we approach the final game of the 2020-2021 NFL season, a season unlike any other. Two teams duking it out for the title of World Champion and the Lombardi Trophy. Will we see Brady take home his seventh ring, or will Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to their

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The History of the Fair

Every October, North Carolinians get to enjoy the most anticipated state event of the year: the State Fair. Filled with delicious, odd foods, enjoyable attractions, and fun games where you can win prizes. But one of the least admired things about the fair is its rich history, dating back over a century ago. The fair was overlooked a century ago,

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