Interview with Drew Mobley

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Drew Mobley about his experience with Apex sports. He is a multi-sport athlete, doing cross-country in the fall and indoor track in the winter. He opened up to me about his time running both cross country and indoor track.

Q. How many years have you done indoor track and cross country?

A. I have run indoor track and cross country for Apex High for two years, which is the maximum I can do it at the moment because I am a sophomore.

Q. How is indoor track different from cross country?

A. Indoor track has multiple events that you can run in. These events are typically shorter than the runs that we do in cross country. In cross country, we run for longer periods of time with longer distances. Also, you run in the woods with a buddy, so it gives you a spooky element.

Q. What is your opinion of Coach Cooper?

A. Coach Cooper is an awesome coach. He is very supportive and encouraging. He tells us where to go for our events. He holds practices so we can get better as we run on. These sports are all about getting shorter times and running faster.

Q. What events do you run in indoor track?

A. I run the one mile run and the two mile run. They are both very fun to run in, and I push myself to be the best on every run.

Q. How are your relations with your teammates in cross country and indoor track?

A. We have good relationships. I met most of my friends here, and we are very close. We like to hang out and have fun. We can be very competitive, but at the end of the day, we are great friends.

Q. Do you plan to keep doing both cross country and indoor track? Why?

A. Yes. I plan to keep doing both sports because I would like to improve my speed and time. I always strive to be the best.

Q. If you could run any other events, what would you run?

A. I would try the pole vault because it looks fun and interesting. It would be very new to me. It would be very weird at first because you actually have to use something other than your legs. I am always so surprised at how people can launch themselves through the air with just a flimsy pole.

Q. Why do you run? What is your motivation?

A. I enjoy it. I can eat whatever I want because I just burn it off. I constantly push myself to be better every time. I set a goal to beat myself. I want to beat that high time that I set last week.

Q. Do you play any other sports besides track and cross country?

A. I play baseball for Apex High. I was on the JV team last year. I also play basketball, but I have not been on the school team. I don’t plan to be. It would be too much, and besides, I already run indoor track during the winter.

Q. How would you encourage people to run track or cross country?

A. I would tell them that it’s a lot of fun. Even if you aren’t fast, there are plenty of people to run with and you make lots of new friends. You will get better with every practice and every meet. You build up your speed and stamina. You could end up being one of the leaders. It is so much fun and I enjoy it a lot.

Being a multi-sport athlete is very hard, but Drew Mobley handles it with ease. He loves running and is always pushing himself to be better. Make sure to check out cross-country and indoor track if you are looking for a new school sport to play.

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