Disney Plus vs. Netflix: What you need to know

Disney Plus has been all the rage lately. With its wide-spanning collection of iconic Disney movies, it is taking the nation by storm. From the streets of Aladdin to the stormy seas of Pirates of the Carribean, there is a movie for everyone in the family. But many people are questioning how Disney Plus stacks up against the popular streaming service Netflix. Is it really better? Will it be as popular? Here are three things to think about when debating which of the streaming titans is better.

  1. Cost

Many people want to know about the cost of streaming services. Disney Plus seems like the better option with prices coming in at $6.99 a month while Netflix charges $9 a month. But, as with anything you are comparing, you have to think of what you are getting with the purchase. Disney Plus, as told by the name, contains only Disney movies and shows, which not everyone enjoys. Netflix contains a wide variety of shows and movies from many sources. It depends on what you are into. For a bonus perk, Disney Plus is free for one year with your Verizon Unlimited plan, if you have one.

  1. Variety

As said before, you need to look at what you can get with both streaming services. Disney Plus contains most of the old-school Disney shows that we all grew up watching. They have films from the 1960s (Mary Poppins) to the films of today (Frozen). These classics gives us that feel-good mentality that sends us back into our childhood, no matter how old we are. On the other hand, Netflix contains a lot more movies and shows from a lot more sources, such as CW, ABC, and HGTV. They have hit shows, such as The Flash, FRIENDS, and The Office. Although these shows and movies are more modern than some of the ones found on Disney Plus, they are still very good to watch when you just want to relax.

  1. Target Audience

One of the most important things to think about is who the movies and shows are geared towards. Disney is well known for their children’s movies and shows. They have multiple channels dedicated to their shows. These channels split the ages from the 10 & under kids and 10+. Disney Plus contains all of these shows and movies. Although they have more adult movie franchises in Marvel and Star Wars, Disney Plus is generally designated for the 18 & under age demographic. On the other hand, Netflix, with all the shows it contains, can entertain people of all ages. They have multiple kids shows and movies, along with more mature selections for the adults. Netflix has a wider age range, though Disney Plus is more family-friendly.

No matter what, both streaming services are amazing, it just depends on what you are looking for. Netflix and Disney Plus both contain amazing movies and shows. No matter which service you use, you will be pleased.

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