Big Mann on Campus

Apex High has produced thousands of incredible humans who have gone on to do amazing things, and most will leave the town to achieve their dreams. However, some come back to return the favor of the teachers before them. One of those people is none other than Mrs. Murphy, formerly known as Ms. Mann.

Murphy remembers “the old Apex,” but also loves the new one and sees many similarities between the two. The courtyard was always a highlight for everyone, so she was happy to have it back at the new Apex. Since graduating in 2006, she does have a few teachers who taught her that are still here, most notably Mr. Ferguson. Murphy said that he was the one who got her back into Apex. She loved the culture they had and it was so strong that she decided to come back. They always made her feel like family and wanted to help other students feel the same. There have been a few changes though. Back then, minor rules such as no hats were strongly enforced. Today’s similarity to that would be wearing masks at all times. Murphy also noticed the heavy increase in technology throughout the school. Nowadays, everyone is on their phone, but she says that’s just the new form of communication. 

There has obviously been a lot of change since 2006, but Murphy loves all of it, from the students to the staff. The best piece of advice was a simple one: surround yourself with good people. We can all take a page from Mrs. Murphy’s book and learn how to be better people.

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