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Sleep, relaxation, and a tingling feeling. These are all characteristics of autonomous sensory meridian response or, as it is commonly shortened to, ASMR. This means experiencing a sensation of tingles, or as some people call it, pleasurable goosebumps, due to visual or auditory stimulation and the most common triggers of this are whispering, tapping, scratching, crinkling sounds, and hand movements.

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Cuphead Review

*This review is written from the standpoint of someone who rarely plays platformers and played Cuphead on a laptop PC.* Cuphead is an  indie run-and-gun platformer developed by StudioMDHR and was announced in 2013 to be released in January 2014. However, it wound up being delayed until 2016 and then even further to the official release date of September 29,

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Colorful Connections and Preceptions (Synesthesia)

See sound as color? Associate letter with random colors? Sounds like a hallucination but really it is far from it. Synesthesia is a condition that is not very common and an estimated one out of two-thousand people, have a diagnosable form of it. People who experience synesthesia (synthetics) are usually very creative and in fact, famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky,

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A Brief History of Adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular brands of 2017 and is completely dominating the clothing market. Seriously, if look around a public area, and you will probably see multiple people wearing the Adidas brand whether it is their signature pink logo hat, their white striped track pants, or even their triple stripe shoes called ”Superstars.” The Adidas brand was

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