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How to Control Your Dreams

Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming! Despite being simply stated as knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming, lucid dreaming is much more than that and is not only a cool experience but also one with many benefits. Lucid dreaming allows for complete control and manipulation of anything and everything all while you are fast asleep in bed.

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Apex High School Women’s Tennis Team is Undefeated this Season!

The Apex Cougars women’s tennis team—despite only ever getting minimal recognition among students and the occasional morning announcement that nobody really listens to—has been absolutely dominating the competition in the North Carolina area. In fact, they have dominating so much that at the recent Southwestern 4A conference, they went 12-0, beating out schools like Panther Creek, the fake Ape—I mean

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Joy as an Act of Resistance Album Review (With Track-by-Track Analysis)

Idles is a British punk rock band from Bristol, England. The band is comprised of vocalist and ex-bar enthusiast Joe Talbot, a current working normal/prison dentist and lead guitarist Mark Bowen, bassist and ex-bartend Adam ”Dev” Devonshire, absolute mad-lad and guitarist Lee Kieran, and finally, the drummer who never runs out of energy, Jon Beavis. The band was formed in

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Ignorance is preventing society from moving forward socially and politically. The definition of ignorance is simply having a lack of knowledge, but the connotations of the word vary. A fellow journalist such as me, Angelina Cordone, explained her definition of ignorance:“Ignorance is thinking you know everything when really, you know nothing”. The way I describe ignorance is not understanding something

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