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Ignorance is preventing society from moving forward socially and politically. The definition of ignorance is simply having a lack of knowledge, but the connotations of the word vary. A fellow journalist such as me, Angelina Cordone, explained her definition of ignorance:“Ignorance is thinking you know everything when really, you know nothing”. The way I describe ignorance is not understanding something

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The Best Trends of 2018

There have been some pretty awful trends only five months into 2018, like people eating a certain detergent company’s product, but today I will show you some of the best ones! I am very passionate about internet culture and would call myself an expert on popular trends. Dabbing/whipping. Yes, I know, these are technically trends from a couple years ago

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Scarlxrd – DXXM Album Review

If you are unaware of who Scarlxrd is, I would completely understand. Marius Listhrop or Scarlxrd (Scarlord) is a twenty-four year old British rapper, and although at one point he had 600,000 subscribers on YouTube under the name “Mazzi Maz”, most people still do not know who he is due to him completely changing his look. After quitting YouTube, he

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The Everlasting Notebook

Infinitely reusable paper, access from anywhere you have internet. Need I say more? The amazing “Everlast” does just this! “Everlast” is brought to you by the company, Rocketbook, a company created after a man forgot to pack his notebook to an important meeting, met a product developer at a local pub, and began a quest to design a notebook that

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Cinderella Pre-Review

For the first time ever, the Apex High School theater, Peak Players, is performing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, a musical retelling of the timeless masterpiece, Cinderella. This production is lead by Mrs. Levine, lover of cats and graduate of Appalachian State University. Levine has been hard at work for the past two months, often staying after-school five to six days

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